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About Us

A Team of Experts

Gale Force Designs was the brainchild of Conor Walshe who is keenly familiar with the Endurance E3120 wind turbines.  Mr. Walshe has personal relationships with many of the Endurance dealers and end customers who are now challenged with keeping their turbines operating in the warranty, technical service and engineering vacuum left after the bankruptcy of Endurance Wind Power Inc (EWP).

Mr. Walshe's vision was to assemble a team of the best engineering, supply chain and technical service expertise.  His immediate goal was to provide a permanent fix for the known bedplate cracking issue that he feared could ground the entire 3120 fleet if not solved.

Early in 2017 Mr. Walshe successfully assembled his team of experts: Mr. Dean Davis and Dr. David Laino provide decades of wind turbine design, testing and engineering; Mr. Davis also brings years of wind turbine field maintenance and solution deployment experience; while Mike Schlender has years of supply chain experience in industrial machinery as well as the wind industry. Together with Mr. Walshe's own background in product design, manufacture and assembly, Gale Force Designs brings together an ideal team for the task of providing solutions to the end customer.

Combined, our team amasses over 100 years of wind turbine engineering design and testing, industrial machinery design and manufacturing, and wind turbine servicing expertise.  We are also intimately familiar with the entire Endurance product offering with a strong emphasis on the E3120.

The Team

100+ years of experience


Dean Davis

President & VP of Testing

  • 26 years of wind turbine engineering experience

  • Co-founder of Windward Engineering and Gale Force Designs

  • MS Mechanical Engineering

  • Manager/operator of Spanish Fork Wind Test Facility since 1994 (24 years)

  • Experience testing 13 different wind turbine designs on site from <1kW to 225kW in size


Dr. David Laino

VP of Innovation

  • 26 years of wind turbine design experience

  • Managing partner of Windward Engineering and co-founder of Gale Force Designs

  • PhD with dissertation in wind turbine fatigue

  • Experience in wind turbine engineering and design from 5 kW to >1 MW 


Conor Walshe

VP of Sales

  • 15 years of product design, manufacture and assembly experience

  • Co-founder of Ailsa Consulting and Gale Force Designs

  • UK & Ireland representative for Viking West

  • 9 years experience in product development across both Tidal & Wind turbine platforms


Mike Schlender

VP of Supply Chain

  • 25 years industrial machinery manufacturing experience

  • Professional metallurgical engineer with specialization in welding engineering

  • 15 years global supply chain experience

  • Founder of Viking West Engineered Products

  • Co-founder of Gale Force Designs


Ian Sleger

VP Product Implementation

  • Founder of All Energy Management, LLC and co-founder of Gale Force Designs

  • Uninstallations, retrofits, custom tooling, training, service and repair

  • Installed 3rd E-3120 in the fleet

    • Technician

    • NA service manager

    • UK Operation Manager

  • Specializing in product development with focus on field implementation and training

  • 5kW-2.2MW turbine experience (install and repair)

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