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E3120 Bedplate Solution

E3120 Bedplate Solution: Service

Bedplate Design Criteria

  • Backward compatibility for E-3120 parts

    • Tower system (natural frequencies)

    • Major drivetrain components

    • Lightning protection system

  • Forward compatibility with future solutions

    • New GFD main shaft system

    • Accommodation for additional yaw drive

  • Design to worst case load scenario

    • Extremely high-turbulence, severe conditions

    • Includes extreme overspeeding loads

  • Keen focus on minimizing stress levels in weld areas

  • Validation of fatigue life through complete accelerated life cycle testing


Bedplate Design

  • Result of comprehensive 15-month design-build-test effort

  • Built to withstand the worst case operational loads

  • Design load scenario based on actual, measured  E3120 loads, including:

    • Extreme ​turbulence, exceeding IEC 61400-1 turbulence level requirements

    • Prolonged overspeeding in high winds

  • Thorough Finite Element Analysis (FEA) evaluation

    • Added material reduces stress at critical locations

    • Designed to minimize stress in welds

  • Critical stresses reduced by nearly 4 times compared to production bedplate


Added Features

  • Adjustable yaw backlash to reduce yaw “chatter”

  • Larger and more access panels and larger standing areas for more efficient maintenance

  • Accommodation for second yaw drive unit

  • Compatible with GFD long life shaft solution


Accelerated Fatigue Testing

  • First production bedplate was torture tested

  • Applied load scenario represented over 20 years of stress on the test unit

  • Load and stress levels monitored with strain gauges

  • Bedplate withstood over 20 years equivalent loading with no signs of damage


Supply Chain

  • GFD personnel have over 30 years of experience procuring high quality industrial components

  • Supply vendors are qualified for

    • Wind industry expertise

    • Strong quality and on-time track records

  • Quality assurance verified by

    • Certifications and assessment audits

    • Manufacturing documentation as part of quality control plan

    • Material testing for conformance to specification and international standards

    • Serialization of individual bedplates with certificate of conformance


First Installation

  • Full turbine rebuild with GFD bedplate and shaft performed in late April 2018

  • Turbine rebuilt over three days, replacing cracked bedplate

  • Turbine with GFD bedplate installed in California on May 5, 2018

  • Turbine is operating, passing a two-week follow-up inspection

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