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E3120 Mainshaft Solution

E3120 Mainshaft Solution: Service

Mainshaft Design Criteria

  • Strengthen critical stress area

  • Remove stress concentration of keyway

  • Compatible with existing rotor hub and gearbox


Mainshaft Design

  • 65% more material in critical area

  • Removed keyway - eliminating stress concentration

  • 2.7 times higher load capacity

  • Exponentially longer fatigue life than original shaft

Shaft comp.png

Shaft build & installation

  • GFD shaft assembly and installation on GFD bedplate performed late April 2018

  • Turbine installed in California early May 2018

  • Turbine, shaft and bedplate inspected after 2 weeks of operation

  • Retrofit turbine currently in service


Shaft Assembly

Comes installed on new GFD bedplate and pre-assembled with:

  • New GFD long life shaft

  • New (larger) GFD downwind pillow block bearing and bearing housing

  • New (OEM) upwind pillow block bearing

  • New hub tapered bushing (only 1 required)

  • All labyrinth seals, o-rings and spiral snap ring

  • New fasteners

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