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Real graphics bedplate.png

E3120 Bedplate Solution

The GFD bedplate provides a permanent solution for the E-3120 wind turbine, representing the culmination of a complete measure, design and testing engineering effort. The improved structural architecture achieves greatly reduced stress in critical areas through the use of solid plate material, placing added material in stress-prone areas. Bedplate fatigue life is ensured by engineering for the actual, measured loads from an operating E3120 wind turbine - including loads due to intentionally induced over-speed events. Finally, our engineers validated the longevity of the design by conducting an accelerated lifetime fatigue test on a GFD bedplate to prove it will last the lifetime of the machine.

New pillowblock on shaft update.png

E3120 Mainshaft Solution

The GFD mainshaft has 65% more material in the critical area between the rotor hub and the downwind pillow block bearing.  This reduces stress in the critical shaft area by nearly 3 times.  The hub keyway in the original shaft - which causes a high stress riser – is no longer necessary and has been removed in the new GFD shaft.  The result is a shaft design with an estimated 100,000 longer fatigue life than the production design, making the new GFD shaft one of the longest life items on your E3120.

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